Apps continue to outpace web

According to analysts, Flurry, the amount of time people now spend on apps is greater than the time they spend on the web.

With Tablet sales outnumbering desktop computer sales, it is expected that tablets will be more widely used than computers with keyboards and mice, so app usage will continue to surge. Facebook reported more user time on the app then their web site and this trend is seen across many brands.

The great news for publishers is that they get a second chance to monetize digital content. With most publishers finding it near impossible to generate revenue from web products, having created a ‘free’ culture among consumers from the outset, the app revolution enables publishers to address the balance.

Despite Apple’s Newsstand being barely more than two years old digital subscriptions already represent around 10% of many mainstream publications audience. When you consider this is all added value (how much does it cost to upload a PDF to your app) this represents a huge swing back in the favour of the content creator.

As 4G emerges and mobile internet speeds improve further, the app edition is only going to get bigger and better!