Benefits of Digital Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing

You often hear the ‘buzz‘ regarding Digitial Magazine Publishing, but what that really mean to you the publisher.

Instant distribution – your digital editions will  reach readers globally and at the same time and showing the correct local pricing .

Generate revenue from your whole catalog of  back issues – publishers can potentially make their whole back catalogue of issues available via the digital platform.  Providing not only a valuable archive but potentially a  significant new income if this library of back issues can be purchased.

New advertising revenue channels – adverts and articles can be enriched with live web-links, interactive galleries, video/audio streams and animation, engaging your digital reader and bringing instant response to your advertisers investment. You can have very  prominent sponsorships positions that cannot be achieved in print editions  such as your apps initial splash page and click-able rotating banner slots.

Collect valuable customer data – digital editions offer valuable insight into a publications readership, reading , likes and dislikes, and gives data to add to mailing lists. You are also able to analyse which pages within your edition are read the most and time spent on individual pages, giving you tremendous insight, which in turn, will help you take your digital publication forward.

Target New Digital Readership – digital publishing allows you to reach new readers in a global market and also potentially generate revenue from any pre existing web based traffic which was previously not able to pay to access premium content.

Sell recurring  subscriptions and single/one-off editions – subscriptions either print or digital can be hugely important. Publishers can automatically sell recurring subscriptions as well as selling single issue purchases and one-off special editions.

Build Brand Awareness For You As A Publisher and Your Digital Edition – your magazine app  is sat on a users device screen at all times.  The icon displayed reflects your current branding and the branding is consistent through your app – re-enforcing your brands  overall message.

The end result should be to increase readership loyalty and more importantly readership retention which long-term will lead to greater subscription revenue or advertising revenue as your digital readership grows.