As a magazine app developer we are very familiar with the following terms but thought that it would be good just to highlight a short glossary of terms that we use when talking about digital edition and publications.

Digital edition – a magazine delivered in electronic form to a user’s  mobile or tablet device either as a straight replica of the print magazine or a digital-specific version with added interactivity.

Smart phone –  they generally have features such as portable media players, digital cameras, GPS navigation units, full web navigation, wi-fi capability along with a high-resolution touchscreen interface. Smart phones are either Apple running iOS or one of the many other handset suppliers running Android such as Samsung.

Tablet  – a complete computer contained entirely in a large flat touch screen design and generally incorporates, and furthers, the capabilities of a smart phone.  It was the iPad that sparked off the magazine app revolution.

Newsstand –  this is a pre-installed folder on Apple  devices which stores all of a user’s magazine apps.  Apple Newsstands is a one stop shop for all of a users digital magazine needs. As of Q2 2014 there where over 10,000 publications on the Apples Newsstand.

Magazine App – An application downloaded from the  App Store to the user’s device (phone or tablet) acts as a storefront for the delivery of that publication. Digital issues can be either be straightforward ‘PDF replicas’ or PDFs enhanced with rich media (see below).

Generally within a magazine app readers can buy either single issues or one-off publications or sign up for annual subscriptions.  Issues can be back-dated as far as a publisher wishes from their own library of ‘printed editions’ generating an additional revenue stream.

Rich media – in relation to your digital publication this usually refers to areas within your articles which are interactive. This normally means that when they are touched on the screen further content is delivered. This could be streamed video or audio or an extended swiped gallery or carousel of images.

Dashboard – this is where your digital editions are uploaded to, updated and managed. Just one upload to the Apazine dashboard and your digital edition is distributed to the various app stores that your app features on.