Create A Digital Magazine

How do I create a digital magazine?

This question is generally at the top of the list of questions when considering publishing digital editions. Whilst this may seem overwhelming, if you already produce a paper edition, then with Apazines help creating a digital magazine can be just a simple ‘tweak’ of your existing workflow.

Your digital editions are contained and published within your own fully branded ‘app’, it is the app that consumers see and download when they visit the various app stores. All apps must go through an approval process specifically with Apple and Kindle (Amazon). The whole initial app store approval process can be a minefield of red tape and App Store challenges. This is why we offer publishers a fully managed service, that is to say we supply you with the PDF specifications and a simple form to complete. Once the forms are back from you and we have your set of initial edition PDF files, we will build your branded app and then submit it to the app stores for approval on your behalf (Apple App store approval can take around two weeks).

Once it has been approved, using our simple administration dashboard,  you can upload new editions and update existing editions.  The production of the PDF to generate your digital editions should be created from your original print PDF via an optimisation process.  The optimised PDF can then be enhanced by adding some of our awesome magazine app features such as:

  • Streamed Video
  • Streamed Audio
  • Adobe Edge animate clips
  • HTML5 snippets
  • Live Email Links
  • Live Web Links
  • Image Galleries both Swiped and Carousal

One the PDF has been enriched you can simply publish the digitial edition.  This dynamcially updates in the various app stores and your subscribers and app user are informed automatically that a new edition is availble.

Sounds straight forward,  it is with Apazine, creating a digital magazine could not be easier.

We would strongly recommend that you apply for your own developers accounts for the platforms that your app will be built on. This future proofs your digital investment in that you have complete ownership of the apps names and descriptions. We are on hand to guide you through this simple process and steer you clear on any pitfalls.  Some alternative solution providers out there will develop an app on their own developers account and currently Apple do not let developers transfer ownership of Newsstand apps once they ‘go live’.    This is not a situation any publisher would want to find themselves in as the ‘developer’ could in fact pull your app from the various app stores at any time.