Making your magazine app a success

Driving App Downloads.

Developing your digital audience is an essential part of publishing today. Every user that installs your magazine app has a value to you, like a currency. As tablet usage continues to outpace PC use, and app usage eclipses web, developing your newsstand app audience today will secure your publishing future of tomorrow. Here is a list of the top 10 things that publishers are doing to drive downloads.

1. App Name. Your app name can include words like ‘magazine’ and even your magazine strap line. This means you don’t need to re-use these words in your keywords which will help discoverability in app store searches.

2. App Description. Your app description is used as part of the search process on stores, so in a similar way to your web site SEO you need to consider using your keywords in context within your app description.

3. Keywords. With a 100 character limit, you need to think outside the box. People searching your magazine name should already be taken care of with your app name, so think laterally about keywords. What other types of apps are your users searching for. If you’re a sailing magazine consider ‘navigation’, if you’re a film magazine how about ‘movie times’.

4. In magazine promo. Your first challenge is to get your print audience to download your app. So showing a picture of an iPad with your magazine cover on it is the first thing to do. Put it on your front page, or contents page and maybe include house ads for your app.

5. Reference more images in editorial. The more your reference your app within your editorial, the more downloads you will achieve. Your app edition can contain lots more images with a slideshow, so take advantage of this and after your editorial say ‘download the app edition to see more photo’s’.

6. Reference video in editorial. There’s a YouTube video for almost everything. Add a video stream to your app pages and reference them in your print edition. Maybe start recording interviews on your iPhone and put them in your app edition alongside the interview text. This will drive your print audience to download your app.

7. Twitter and social media. Every time you publish an edition, mention it on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Lots of your followers might not have your current print issue and can download it instantly in the app.

8. Web promotion. Include a link to your app on your web pages, it’s surprising how few publishers do this but the ones that do see great results.

9. Reference your app on email signature. You might already have your twitter and facebook links on all your staff email signatures, but don’t forget your app link too.

10. Include bonus content in your app. You can publish as many extra pages, and editions, in your app as you wish with no extra costs. So how about putting together some bonus issues like a collections of photo’s or articles for your app. Adding extra content and interactivity in your app edition drives up your app figures.

Every app installation is generally considered to have an asset value of $40, as an app audience can easily be monetized over time.  With new technology providing targeted advertising and more readers turning to electronic devices to read, securing your digital audience now is essential to the sustainability of your magazine. We’ve got lots more ideas to help you develop your digital presence, so please get in touch.