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Why You Need To Partner With An iOS Newsstand App Developer

The recent hype about the latest release from Apple -  iOS8 and then all of the problems and issues that arose from it and the subsequent patches really highlights the many pitfalls and challenges involved in keeping your app up to date and functioning correctly. For many publishers this can be a real drain on internal resources and can be a costly exercise. Also if not handled correctly it can damage both your reputation and creditability with your digital readership.

That is why working with an established iOS app Newstand developer such as Apazine makes sound business sense. We take all the challenges of  understanding and managing new operating system and devices releases away from you.  We offer a fully managed service which means you do not have to concern yourself with the technical aspects of managing your app.  Everything is taken care of and is totally transparent to both you and your digital readership. Our app is fully compatible with the very latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

We have been building apps for the app stores since 2012 and have a long and proven track record.  We provide newsstand apps for some of the most respected publications in the UK  and our client list grows daily.   1000’s of digital editions have been published using our app and have been read by 100’s of thousands of digitial readers.  Apazine Version 4 takes the publication of digital magazines to the next level both in terms functionality and ease of use.

Want to see how your existing publication would look once it is published within a magazine app, then sign up for a no obligation trial. Simply send us a copy of your existing print workflow PDF and we will upload it to Newsstand via our demonstrator app.  You can then downlaod the app and see your publication come to life on a tablet or smartphone.

Why You Need A Magazine App

If you where ever unsure why you need a magazine app, then recent research from Association Of Magazine Media indicates that ‘since starting to read digital magazines more than 1 in 4 say they have increased their reading time spent with magazine media (both print and digital)’.

This would suggest that the digital magazine market is stimulating both the digital and printed edition markets.

This combined with the hugh increase in  iPad ownership and the recent release of the new iPhone 6’s means that  if you have not already, then the decision to make a magazine app has never been higher on the list of strategic milestones for publishers.

The research also shows that some 80% or respondants took some form of ‘on line’ action after downloading the digital version of a magazine,  with this figure rising to 85% in the 18 – 34 age bracket.

It also shows that digital readers want to buy directly from within their magazine apps. 67% are interested in purchasing products and services directly from the ads they see in digital editions. In addition 62% are interested in buying products and services directly from the articles and features they read in digital editions.

This kind of engagement shows that digital magazine ads lead to positive advertising results and unlike printed editions – there are good analytics to study and understand exactly how your digital edition is performing, details top content and advertisers click thru rates.

Here are Apazine, we offer a fully managed service and can help you bring your magazine app live to app stores in around two weeks.   Our system is easy and simple to use, there is no specialist knowledge required or ‘coding skills’ involved.

The system is designed to be managed by non technical staff.

You can see a full range of our magazine app features here.  The list if full and comprehensive, and allows you to build as much or as little interactivy as you feel is nesscessary to bring your digital edition to life.

Our pricing is also very transparent, with a clear affordable monthly fee, there are no hidden costs and we offer unlimted storage and unlimited downloads (some platforms charge per download) and we also allow you to publish unlimted editions within the lifetime of your app.

Email support for both you and users of your app comes as standard.

Want to see how your existing publication would look once it is published within a magazine app, then sign up for a no obligation trial. simply send us a copy of your existing print workflow PDF and we will upload it to Newsstand via our demonstrator app.

Source:   Report data and statistics taken from the 2013/2014 MPA Factbook


Choosing A Newsstand App Developer

Having made the decision to make your magazine available on the various app stores and to reach out to a global digital audience,  you now have that very difficult and challenging task of actually making it happen.

An alternative to Adobe DPS

You may consider using Adobes DPS solution,   but creating your own app in this  way, in-house, can way be hugely expensive as there are many hidden costs (such as server/storage costs and also download fulfilment costs) and of course it is time consuming as you may need to have dedicated  internal resource to ensure you keep ahead of any technical updates and challenges. Here at Apazine we really do offer an Adobe DPS alternatives solution.

The most cost and time effective solution by far is to work with an existing newsstand app developer,  such as Apazine. We offer a totally managed solution, which means  we take care of every aspect for you. From the initial app customisation and branding , the entire app store approval process,  right though to handing any future device software and operating system  updates.  We also host  and manage your app and allow you to upload unlimited digital editions for unlimited distribution and downloads.

Working with Apazine leaves you free to concentrate on the important task of managing your publication, our process is designed to have no impact on your existing work-flows. Using our  client  dashboard, you can log-in to our system via any web browser, and quickly add new editions, send push notifications to your readership as well as viewing  statistics regarding your editions. Our admin system is intuitive, easy to use and absolutely requires no specialist training.

For new apps the whole initial process is quicker than you might think.  In just a matter of a couple of weeks, you’ll could have your own app store approved, fully branded smartphone/ipad app.  Have you digital editions ready for your readership both old and new and of course these can be filled with interactive features and rich media, which are proven  to increase both reader engagement and attention, which in turn is  great news for your advertisers.

Why work with Apazine?

Well we have a long established and proven track record, we have been building magazine apps since 2012 and there are thousands of digital editions that have been published using Apazine app technology.  Our app solution covers the iphone, ipad, android and Amazon Kindle  platforms .  Also as new devices are launched on the marketplace or as existing devices are updated we ensure that your app will continue to be 100% compatible and fully functional.  Our totally managed solution means that you do not have to be concerned with any of  these technical issues, just simply leave that to us.

We work with some of the biggest names in publishing. Publications in the Apazine portfolio include  Chelsea Magazines, publications  such as Cruise International, Yachts & Yachting, Sailing Today.  Also  within the Apazine portfolio are Hi-Fi World, Songlines and Rocksound Magazine, we also provide the app for the British Printing Industries Federation.

So why not take Apazine for a test drive today. Get in touch and arrange a no obligation demonstration . Simply send us a PDF of your one of your existing editions, we will add some interactivity, and you’ll be able to download it from the app store using our demonstrator app.

Benefits of Digital Publishing

Digital Magazine Publishing

You often hear the ‘buzz‘ regarding Digitial Magazine Publishing, but what that really mean to you the publisher.

Instant distribution – your digital editions will  reach readers globally and at the same time and showing the correct local pricing .

Generate revenue from your whole catalog of  back issues – publishers can potentially make their whole back catalogue of issues available via the digital platform.  Providing not only a valuable archive but potentially a  significant new income if this library of back issues can be purchased.

New advertising revenue channels – adverts and articles can be enriched with live web-links, interactive galleries, video/audio streams and animation, engaging your digital reader and bringing instant response to your advertisers investment. You can have very  prominent sponsorships positions that cannot be achieved in print editions  such as your apps initial splash page and click-able rotating banner slots.

Collect valuable customer data – digital editions offer valuable insight into a publications readership, reading , likes and dislikes, and gives data to add to mailing lists. You are also able to analyse which pages within your edition are read the most and time spent on individual pages, giving you tremendous insight, which in turn, will help you take your digital publication forward.

Target New Digital Readership – digital publishing allows you to reach new readers in a global market and also potentially generate revenue from any pre existing web based traffic which was previously not able to pay to access premium content.

Sell recurring  subscriptions and single/one-off editions – subscriptions either print or digital can be hugely important. Publishers can automatically sell recurring subscriptions as well as selling single issue purchases and one-off special editions.

Build Brand Awareness For You As A Publisher and Your Digital Edition – your magazine app  is sat on a users device screen at all times.  The icon displayed reflects your current branding and the branding is consistent through your app – re-enforcing your brands  overall message.

The end result should be to increase readership loyalty and more importantly readership retention which long-term will lead to greater subscription revenue or advertising revenue as your digital readership grows.

Create A Digital Magazine

How do I create a digital magazine?

This question is generally at the top of the list of questions when considering publishing digital editions. Whilst this may seem overwhelming, if you already produce a paper edition, then with Apazines help creating a digital magazine can be just a simple ‘tweak’ of your existing workflow.

Your digital editions are contained and published within your own fully branded ‘app’, it is the app that consumers see and download when they visit the various app stores. All apps must go through an approval process specifically with Apple and Kindle (Amazon). The whole initial app store approval process can be a minefield of red tape and App Store challenges. This is why we offer publishers a fully managed service, that is to say we supply you with the PDF specifications and a simple form to complete. Once the forms are back from you and we have your set of initial edition PDF files, we will build your branded app and then submit it to the app stores for approval on your behalf (Apple App store approval can take around two weeks).

Once it has been approved, using our simple administration dashboard,  you can upload new editions and update existing editions.  The production of the PDF to generate your digital editions should be created from your original print PDF via an optimisation process.  The optimised PDF can then be enhanced by adding some of our awesome magazine app features such as:

  • Streamed Video
  • Streamed Audio
  • Adobe Edge animate clips
  • HTML5 snippets
  • Live Email Links
  • Live Web Links
  • Image Galleries both Swiped and Carousal

One the PDF has been enriched you can simply publish the digitial edition.  This dynamcially updates in the various app stores and your subscribers and app user are informed automatically that a new edition is availble.

Sounds straight forward,  it is with Apazine, creating a digital magazine could not be easier.

We would strongly recommend that you apply for your own developers accounts for the platforms that your app will be built on. This future proofs your digital investment in that you have complete ownership of the apps names and descriptions. We are on hand to guide you through this simple process and steer you clear on any pitfalls.  Some alternative solution providers out there will develop an app on their own developers account and currently Apple do not let developers transfer ownership of Newsstand apps once they ‘go live’.    This is not a situation any publisher would want to find themselves in as the ‘developer’ could in fact pull your app from the various app stores at any time.


How To Publish On Newsstand

Newsstand Publishing

The digital edition revolution really came about with the launch of the Apple iPad and the then iPad mini.  According to Forbes about 178 million iPads had been sold by mid-November 2013 (this does not any include iPad mini sales).

So given this flood of devices, what exactly where people doing of their tablets. One of the major benefits of the iPad over the iPhone was obviously the increased screen size and because of this reading publications – magazines in particular became far more viable.

There is one clear winner in the ‘go to’ place for digital magazines and that is Apples Newsstand.  Newsstand publishing is really the major consideration when bringing a publication to the digital marketplace.

The magazine folder, Newsstand, now comes pre-installed on all Apple mobile and tablet devices,  the number of publications available within the Newsstand systems grows everyday and as of Q2 2014 the number of publications available exceeded 10,000.

Given this number  and with so much choice out there for the consumer – what needs to be done to make your  digital publication stand out from the crowd?

Adding the ‘right‘ level of interactivity is one  thing publishers should keep in mind when launching a new digital magazine. Finding the right balance between features that bring a publication to ‘life’ and too many interactive bells and whistles just for the sake of it. Interactively really must bring value to a digital edition, otherwise it can turn off a reader.

Like most digital platforms, positive comments and users reviews can help your newsstand app, but keep in mind that negative ratings or users comments on Newsstand can damage the reputation of  a digital publication over night.

Another really important factor and one that is sometimes forgotten, is to truly understand the analytics linked to your Newsstand app.  You will be able to see edition page popularity and actual time spent on pages and which of your advertisers adverts had the greatest engagement.  Use this information, learn from it and move your digital edition forward.

So can you get on board with Apple Newsstand publishing? The answer is  YES – partner with Apazine and we could have your publication up and available on Apples Newsstand in just a matter of weeks.

Want to see how your existing publication would look once it is published within a magazine app, then sign up for a no obligation trial. simply send us a copy of your existing print workflow PDF and we will upload it to Newsstand via our demonstrator app.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Alternative To Adobe DPS

If you are looking to build your own smartphone or tablet magazine app, and really would like an Adobe Digital Publishing Suite alternative, then read on and see just how  teaming up with a trusted magazine app developer like  Apazine can help you.

Apazine is probably the most successful of all the Adobe DPS alternative solutions out on the market place. It is very flexible in its design and is extremely efficient in its work-flow processes. With Apazine, building and creating your own app does not need to be very expensive and does not involve any specialist coding knowledge or skills.  You can simply email  us at and we can take it from there and arrange a demonstration using your existing publication.

Our latest version of Apazine – Version 4 comes as standard with the following library of features.


Join thousands of magazines on the Newsstand and App Stores and reach millions of new readers. We will categorise your app to be listed under your relevant section and embed keywords for discoverability.

Client Dashboard

Using our Client Dashboard, you can log-in to our system via any web browser, and add new editions, send push notifications and view statistics. Our system is easy to use and requires no specialist training.

User Analysis

View a detailed analysis of download activity, subscription sales, web links clicked, user location, videos watched and more. Live analytics can be viewed by logging into our system via any web browser.

In App Adertising

Using our unique advertising module, you can upload advertising banners and splash screens which will appear on your app. Our system will monitor click rates giving you a great new revenue stream.

Data Capture

Every app user is prompted to submit their name and email address. This information is collected for you to download via our client dashboard. Create valuable databases of your digital readers.

Atom Feed

On Apple’s Newsstand, the app icon is automatically updated as your current front cover. Our system integrates with Apple, using Atom Feed technology, so your app store cover is always current.

Push Notifications

Each time you publish a new edition users of your app will be notified, by a push notification message. Customised notifications can also be sent to keep your readers up to date with your app news.

Image Sliders

Add multiple images to your articles using our image sliders module. Shake off the limitations of print and add stunning image galleries to your articles. Users swipe your photographs to reveal the next image.

Live Links

It takes just a few seconds to automatically convert the email and web addresses, contained in your PDF, into functioning live links. Your app has a built-in web browser so web pages will open within the app.

Internal Page Links

Bring your contents page and cover teaser text to life by creating internal page links. Make your editions feel truly interactive with easy page navigation through your digital edition.


HTML5 enables you to achieve unlimited interactivity. Your app is fully compatible with HTML5, which is easy to add to your pages to bring them to life. Our back end system even has a simple HTML5 editor.

Lock Oreintation

For editions that are non-standard shape or size, you can set the orientation to landscape mode making it easy for you to take control of the page display orientation in your app.


For Apple devices that use Air Print hardware, you can choose to enable the print feature within your app. Enabling people to print out your pages and keep articles for reference.

In-App Purchase

Sell your editions and subscriptions from within your app as an in app purchase. You’ll receive the funds directly to your bank account, and most subscriptions will auto renew.

Subscriber Module

Simply upload a user list to our platform and enable your paying subscribers to download your digital editions free of charge. We can automate this if your user databases are online.

Apazine prices start from just £195 or $290 per month and there is no initial set-up fee.

Our simple monthly magazine app pricing structure covers all the functionality detailed above plus

  • Publish unlimited editions
  • Unlimited magazine hosting
  • No additional download charges
  • Apps on both the Apple and Android platform
  • Your own developer account (this means you actually own the magazine app not us)
  • Phone and email support for both you and your subscribers
  • Free Apps Updates to reflect the latest technology changes
  • Access to our HTML5 page turning platform at a discounted rate

Apazine really does offer a proven alternative to adobe dps – for more information on Apazine and its pricing structure  visit our main site – or drop us an email at and we can take it from there and arrange a demonstration using your publication files.

Apazine Magazine App Developer

Apazine Magazine App Developer

As magazine app developers – Apazine V1.00  was launched back in 2012 with one simple goal – to make the creation of magazine apps easy,  affordable and accessible to publishers without technical resource on hand.

Our first magazine app was approved on app stores back in Q4 2012  with the ‘Songlines Magazine’ (World music magazine covering the world’s most exciting music from traditional and popular to contemporary and fusion) .

Our portfolio of publications has grown with amazing speed and we now have 1000’s of editions that are published using the Apazine platform and recently The Chelsea Magazine Company moved their fabulous portfolio of titles onto our platform and we are very proud to be the magazine app partners of the publishers who create some of Britain’s most popular magazines.  Their portfolio includes Yachts and Yachting, Sailing Today, Classic Boat, Racecar Engineering, Cruise International, Little London, Artists & Illustrators, Independent School Parent and Britain Magazine.

We are now  Apazine V4.00 which is fully functional with all the latest versions of operating systems from  Apple, Android and Amazon Kindle.  We have extended the library of features that we have built-in and expanded our analytics section, so that publishers can gain real insights into their digital readership.

We think we have achieved our original goal and strive to continue to exceed our clients expectations.  If you would like to team up with Apazine to bring your current print edition into the digital edition world with your own branded magazine app then get in touch or sign up for a no obligation demo and see what your current publication would look like using our demonstrator app.


As a magazine app developer we are very familiar with the following terms but thought that it would be good just to highlight a short glossary of terms that we use when talking about digital edition and publications.

Digital edition – a magazine delivered in electronic form to a user’s  mobile or tablet device either as a straight replica of the print magazine or a digital-specific version with added interactivity.

Smart phone –  they generally have features such as portable media players, digital cameras, GPS navigation units, full web navigation, wi-fi capability along with a high-resolution touchscreen interface. Smart phones are either Apple running iOS or one of the many other handset suppliers running Android such as Samsung.

Tablet  – a complete computer contained entirely in a large flat touch screen design and generally incorporates, and furthers, the capabilities of a smart phone.  It was the iPad that sparked off the magazine app revolution.

Newsstand –  this is a pre-installed folder on Apple  devices which stores all of a user’s magazine apps.  Apple Newsstands is a one stop shop for all of a users digital magazine needs. As of Q2 2014 there where over 10,000 publications on the Apples Newsstand.

Magazine App – An application downloaded from the  App Store to the user’s device (phone or tablet) acts as a storefront for the delivery of that publication. Digital issues can be either be straightforward ‘PDF replicas’ or PDFs enhanced with rich media (see below).

Generally within a magazine app readers can buy either single issues or one-off publications or sign up for annual subscriptions.  Issues can be back-dated as far as a publisher wishes from their own library of ‘printed editions’ generating an additional revenue stream.

Rich media – in relation to your digital publication this usually refers to areas within your articles which are interactive. This normally means that when they are touched on the screen further content is delivered. This could be streamed video or audio or an extended swiped gallery or carousel of images.

Dashboard – this is where your digital editions are uploaded to, updated and managed. Just one upload to the Apazine dashboard and your digital edition is distributed to the various app stores that your app features on.

Making your magazine app a success

Driving App Downloads.

Developing your digital audience is an essential part of publishing today. Every user that installs your magazine app has a value to you, like a currency. As tablet usage continues to outpace PC use, and app usage eclipses web, developing your newsstand app audience today will secure your publishing future of tomorrow. Here is a list of the top 10 things that publishers are doing to drive downloads.

1. App Name. Your app name can include words like ‘magazine’ and even your magazine strap line. This means you don’t need to re-use these words in your keywords which will help discoverability in app store searches.

2. App Description. Your app description is used as part of the search process on stores, so in a similar way to your web site SEO you need to consider using your keywords in context within your app description.

3. Keywords. With a 100 character limit, you need to think outside the box. People searching your magazine name should already be taken care of with your app name, so think laterally about keywords. What other types of apps are your users searching for. If you’re a sailing magazine consider ‘navigation’, if you’re a film magazine how about ‘movie times’.

4. In magazine promo. Your first challenge is to get your print audience to download your app. So showing a picture of an iPad with your magazine cover on it is the first thing to do. Put it on your front page, or contents page and maybe include house ads for your app.

5. Reference more images in editorial. The more your reference your app within your editorial, the more downloads you will achieve. Your app edition can contain lots more images with a slideshow, so take advantage of this and after your editorial say ‘download the app edition to see more photo’s’.

6. Reference video in editorial. There’s a YouTube video for almost everything. Add a video stream to your app pages and reference them in your print edition. Maybe start recording interviews on your iPhone and put them in your app edition alongside the interview text. This will drive your print audience to download your app.

7. Twitter and social media. Every time you publish an edition, mention it on your Twitter and Facebook pages. Lots of your followers might not have your current print issue and can download it instantly in the app.

8. Web promotion. Include a link to your app on your web pages, it’s surprising how few publishers do this but the ones that do see great results.

9. Reference your app on email signature. You might already have your twitter and facebook links on all your staff email signatures, but don’t forget your app link too.

10. Include bonus content in your app. You can publish as many extra pages, and editions, in your app as you wish with no extra costs. So how about putting together some bonus issues like a collections of photo’s or articles for your app. Adding extra content and interactivity in your app edition drives up your app figures.

Every app installation is generally considered to have an asset value of $40, as an app audience can easily be monetized over time.  With new technology providing targeted advertising and more readers turning to electronic devices to read, securing your digital audience now is essential to the sustainability of your magazine. We’ve got lots more ideas to help you develop your digital presence, so please get in touch.