How To Publish On Newsstand

Newsstand Publishing

The digital edition revolution really came about with the launch of the Apple iPad and the then iPad mini.  According to Forbes about 178 million iPads had been sold by mid-November 2013 (this does not any include iPad mini sales).

So given this flood of devices, what exactly where people doing of their tablets. One of the major benefits of the iPad over the iPhone was obviously the increased screen size and because of this reading publications – magazines in particular became far more viable.

There is one clear winner in the ‘go to’ place for digital magazines and that is Apples Newsstand.  Newsstand publishing is really the major consideration when bringing a publication to the digital marketplace.

The magazine folder, Newsstand, now comes pre-installed on all Apple mobile and tablet devices,  the number of publications available within the Newsstand systems grows everyday and as of Q2 2014 the number of publications available exceeded 10,000.

Given this number  and with so much choice out there for the consumer – what needs to be done to make your  digital publication stand out from the crowd?

Adding the ‘right‘ level of interactivity is one  thing publishers should keep in mind when launching a new digital magazine. Finding the right balance between features that bring a publication to ‘life’ and too many interactive bells and whistles just for the sake of it. Interactively really must bring value to a digital edition, otherwise it can turn off a reader.

Like most digital platforms, positive comments and users reviews can help your newsstand app, but keep in mind that negative ratings or users comments on Newsstand can damage the reputation of  a digital publication over night.

Another really important factor and one that is sometimes forgotten, is to truly understand the analytics linked to your Newsstand app.  You will be able to see edition page popularity and actual time spent on pages and which of your advertisers adverts had the greatest engagement.  Use this information, learn from it and move your digital edition forward.

So can you get on board with Apple Newsstand publishing? The answer is  YES – partner with Apazine and we could have your publication up and available on Apples Newsstand in just a matter of weeks.

Want to see how your existing publication would look once it is published within a magazine app, then sign up for a no obligation trial. simply send us a copy of your existing print workflow PDF and we will upload it to Newsstand via our demonstrator app.

We look forward to hearing from you.