Choosing A Newsstand App Developer

Having made the decision to make your magazine available on the various app stores and to reach out to a global digital audience,  you now have that very difficult and challenging task of actually making it happen.

An alternative to Adobe DPS

You may consider using Adobes DPS solution,   but creating your own app in this  way, in-house, can way be hugely expensive as there are many hidden costs (such as server/storage costs and also download fulfilment costs) and of course it is time consuming as you may need to have dedicated  internal resource to ensure you keep ahead of any technical updates and challenges. Here at Apazine we really do offer an Adobe DPS alternatives solution.

The most cost and time effective solution by far is to work with an existing newsstand app developer,  such as Apazine. We offer a totally managed solution, which means  we take care of every aspect for you. From the initial app customisation and branding , the entire app store approval process,  right though to handing any future device software and operating system  updates.  We also host  and manage your app and allow you to upload unlimited digital editions for unlimited distribution and downloads.

Working with Apazine leaves you free to concentrate on the important task of managing your publication, our process is designed to have no impact on your existing work-flows. Using our  client  dashboard, you can log-in to our system via any web browser, and quickly add new editions, send push notifications to your readership as well as viewing  statistics regarding your editions. Our admin system is intuitive, easy to use and absolutely requires no specialist training.

For new apps the whole initial process is quicker than you might think.  In just a matter of a couple of weeks, you’ll could have your own app store approved, fully branded smartphone/ipad app.  Have you digital editions ready for your readership both old and new and of course these can be filled with interactive features and rich media, which are proven  to increase both reader engagement and attention, which in turn is  great news for your advertisers.

Why work with Apazine?

Well we have a long established and proven track record, we have been building magazine apps since 2012 and there are thousands of digital editions that have been published using Apazine app technology.  Our app solution covers the iphone, ipad, android and Amazon Kindle  platforms .  Also as new devices are launched on the marketplace or as existing devices are updated we ensure that your app will continue to be 100% compatible and fully functional.  Our totally managed solution means that you do not have to be concerned with any of  these technical issues, just simply leave that to us.

We work with some of the biggest names in publishing. Publications in the Apazine portfolio include  Chelsea Magazines, publications  such as Cruise International, Yachts & Yachting, Sailing Today.  Also  within the Apazine portfolio are Hi-Fi World, Songlines and Rocksound Magazine, we also provide the app for the British Printing Industries Federation.

So why not take Apazine for a test drive today. Get in touch and arrange a no obligation demonstration . Simply send us a PDF of your one of your existing editions, we will add some interactivity, and you’ll be able to download it from the app store using our demonstrator app.